i need attention from a male

Ain’t it fun living in the real world?


sexual orientation: taylor york’s curls


Hey guys! So I just recently made this Paramore blog, so I decided to do a little giveaway to kinda kick things off! I have one of the new Brand New Eyes limited edition vinyls signed by Hayley and Taylor! (Unfortunately not Jeremy because I met them at the Jingle Ball while he wasn’t there cause the parababy was being born!) I have 2 copies, so I figured I’d give one away! 

You can reblog/like as many times as you want, and I’ll choose a random winner on February 21, 2014 (one month from today) and only if this post reaches at least 500 notes

Giveaway blogs do NOT count! 

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Good luck to everyone!

If you have questions my ask box is open :D

(no clue why the quality sucks on the first and last pics but oh well lol)




Forever reblogging this.

And the fact that there’s more than one company means several people called makes it even better.

The smiles on their faces though.


things that make me cry

  • school
  • being yelled at
  • disappointing someone
  • having someone upset with me
  • making a stupid mistake
  • school
  • me
  • grades
  • school
  • everything


snakes never visit a restaurant because they don’t have any fingers to point at the words they can’t pronounce on the menu